Σάββατο, 8 Μαρτίου 2014

FESTIVAL UP 19-30/3/2014

During the 2 weeks of the Festival UP! – Biennale Internationale de Cirque, from 19 to 30 March in several Brussels artistic venues, 10 circus artists, current or former students from FEDEC member schools will participate in a Circus LABOratory with 3 uniquely Belgian mentors: Maria-Clara Villa Lobos, Choreographer, Max Vandervorst, wild Instrument Maker & Patamusician and Charlie Degotte, atypical Stage Director. The LABO will be supervised by Catherine Magis, the Artistic Director of Espace Catastrophe.Welcome to :

The [Re]Creation Workshop will take place from 17 to 30 March 2014.The creative laboratory is aimed at those wishing to participate in an immersion in the research of the "Here & Now" with a team of atypical creators who will offer working methods designed to (re)awaken the sense of improvisation, tickling creativity, explore the various facets of character to enrich the range of expression of each. The participants will also have the opportunity to participate from the inside to the life of the Festival UP!, by attending shows, meeting with artists and companies, and immersing themselves in Brussels’ cultural life. A real immersion in Brussels cultural life.On Sunday 30/03, as the closing event of the Festival UP!, the 10 young artists will perform in situ the results of their creative workshop. To top it off, they’ll be joined by Max Vandervorst and the Bande de Z’OuFs orchestra from the show"COMPLICITES, Aujourd’hui je suis content d’être ensemble!".Don’t miss the date: Sunday 30/03 from 19.00 at the Parc Victoria in Koekelberg, Brussels (free access, no reservation necessary).The Festival UP! (formerly known as “Biennale internationale de Cirque”) is celebrating its 13th edition this year, and will deliver 12 days of wacky encounters with unique expressions, extraordinary challenges and audacious crossroads. With this festival, the Espace Catastrophe is looking to promote creative, inventive, diverse circus forms, opened to various disciplines, from Belgium and international companies.Festival UP! in 2014, it’s :22 professional Belgian and international shows;33 performances during the 12 days of the festival;7 cultural venues – partners, and 1 big top in Koekelberg;3 external sites especially equipped to welcome circus performance in public space;- other special encounters: 2 evenings TourS de Pis(t)e ‘Made in Belgium’, 1 Special Evening, 1 Circus Pik-nik, exhibitions, professional encounters (« MEET UP ! »)…So mark your agenda: join us at the Festival UP! from 13 to 31 March 2014, in several Brussels artistic venues. Consult the programme and watch the teaser!

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